For as low as $.28 and a little luck, you could be in Vegas playing in the Main Event for the 8 million dollar jackpot. At Americas Cardroom, you can win a seat to the 2019 WSOP for a fraction of the $10,000 Main Event buy-in.
Between June 3rd to the 9th, there will be daily WSOP satellite tournaments and at least 15 packages will be awarded to winning players. Total value is $12,500. This is sponsored by ACR during their WSOP Takedown Week.

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wsop satellite seats

Steps Tournaments
For as low as 28 cents, players can win their way up. Actually players at Americas Cardroom get the chance to enter any of their tournaments for a penny using the box on the individual tournament page next to the register panel. Three of a kind wins an entry to any tournament! There are seven steps with the first at .28. If you get lucky, you get the option to keep the cash or take your chances in Vegas. Personally, I don’t have a huge entourage that could take time off from work to cheer me on in Vegas, so I can’t say I’d jump at the chance. You often see winners with all their pals. But I do see the occasional person who goes singularly to the events, they win and go home. The buy-ins for the seven step tournaments are below. You can enter any one of the tournaments with the Step 7 tournament paying out with 15 Main Event seats.
Step 0 $0.25 + $0.03
Step 1 $1.50 + $0.15
Step 2 $6 + $0.60
Step 3 $15 + $1.50
Step 4 $50 + $5
Step 5 $140 + $10
Step 6 $500 +400
Step 7 $1,800 + $120

The WSOP is the apex of playing poker for NLH players and all poker players really. The WSOP is one of the most prestigious of tournaments to win. You could be next to Dan Colman or Fedor Holz. It’s really an amazing opportunity if you love the sport of poker.
The winning package includes the $10,000 buy-in and $2500 for travel expenses. A shout out for Americas Cardroom for the chance at greatness.
Americas Cardroom just completed an April High Five Series concluding with a $420,000 Main Event. It went over its guarantee and reached $664,000! The top winner, Package5, took home $124,835.76 pretty good for a days work! Congratulations.

These are highlights of the April 2019 High Five Series. Click the pic for winners and payouts! It’s very impressive. All tournaments went over their guarantees. Most of them are now. There was a time it was hard for ACR to fill a million dollar tournament.

420 high five series at americas cardroom
100k High Five Tournament
420 high five series at americas cardroom
30k GTD

420 high five series at americas cardroom

420k Poker Tournment Main Event

420 high five series at americas cardroom

80k Poker Tournament

Americas Cardroom is doing something right. Other high stakes results are in the pics just click for the larger image to see winners and payout.
Coming in July is the $5,000,000 Venom that will the largest jackpot of any US poker site in history! Like the WSOP satellite, there are steps tournaments. These are ongoing as I write and people are entered allready by winning their way in for a fraction of the cost. The steps tournaments are outlined below.
tep 1: Six daily freerolls ($0 buy-in) that guarantee 113 total seats to Step 2.
Step 2: On Demand tourney ($6+0.61 buy-in) that each guarantee 25 seats to Step 3.
Step 3: On Demand tourney ($15+1.51 buy-in) that each guarantee 15 seats to Step 4.
Step 4: On Demand tourney ($50+5.01 buy-in) that each guarantee 6 seats to Step 5.
Step 5: On Demand tourney ($200+15.01 buy-in) that each guarantee 5 seats to Step 6.
Step 6: On Demand tourney (600+30.01) that guarantees 1 seat to $5 Million Venom.
You can choose any of these tournaments and all can be entered using the “Spin your Way in” feature for as low as a penny.
Get in the mix today at Americas Cardroom.

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