Everyone needs inspiration, no matter what they do.

How’s this for inspiration. 44 year old CBD business owner from Texas, Aaron Van Blarcum has amassed over $4 million dollars in winning in less than a year. His total cashes were for $21,406 till his 212th WSOP finish for $50,855.
Nearly two months later, he won the World Poker Tour Legends and pocketed nearly $500,000. Several months later he was the runner-up at the Caribbean Poker Party pocketing $970,000.
He also upped his playing the Super High Roller Bowls in Australia and Russia and made 10 final tables. 2020 was allready a great year for him.
His 2020 cashes include:
Jan 20 Aussie Millions for $511,207
Feb 20 Australia Poker Open $540,960
In addition, he’s bagged nearly $600,000 playing the Super HIgh Roller Sochi that takes place in Russia.

Could you imagine such great results in a short time. And he’s older not twenty something like most top players who have time to devote to poker. I thinks it’s pretty impressive!

2020 WSOP Postponed Aiming for Fall Start Date
Though no exact date has been listed, the 2020 WSOP has been postponed to a hopefull fall start. It would be foolish to have rooms of poker players all breathing and coughing and potentially spreading the corona virus. Poker games are nice but safety first.
In the meantime, online WSOP games are expected to be played over the summer with an expansion of online poker tournaments. It’s safe to play from home.
The next live event from the WSOP is the WSOP Circuit that’s expected to happen in North Carolina at the Harrah’s Cherokee Casino August 11-13. The WSOP Europe is still slated to occur during the Fall.
Casinos in Lay Off Mode
Casinos around the country are laying off in staggering numbers around the country due to corona. Casino operators both large and small are suffering from city and state mandated closures. Michigan Tribal Casino layed off 1500 employees. Caesar’s Entertainment let 60,000 workers go. It will take time to recover and getting the public to trust being in public places even after the quarantine is lifted.
The quarantine is having a major impact on entertainment as a whole. There really isn’t any let up in sight till the quarantine period is over and folks can go back to casinos as before the corona pandemic.

Casinos Will Need Boost to Return to Pre Corona Levels
Social distancing is the new thing. Many casinos are closed as a result with no return date on the schedule. It’s for the safety of everyone gamblers and workers and upending everything for every involved.
People change their habits during the outbreak and will need to be coaxed back to Casinos after the quarantine ends. To date, there is no start date when casinos can reopen. And when they do they might add precautions for customers. With the ongoing layoffs and mass unemployment, casinos are the last place most consumers will visit.
To get folks back in the casino a combination of special offers, comp and entertainment packages will be needed but even this won’t bring back the same levels of customers. People are skeptical of public places today and more work needs to done in eliminating the corona virus before the masses will feel comfortable going to large public spaces like a casino.
Online casinos however are reaching record revenues as players quarantine and play poker at home.