During a poker tournament if you look at the amount of players during the entry period, it’s usually small. As the entry period starts to close ,in the last several rounds, more and more people fill up the seats. Many people don’t want to bet with the small amounts of pots when the tournament is starting and prefer to wait till the pots get substantial. This often works out well for sharks who re-raise or a good bluffers and can poke their way around a table. But it doesn’t always work. Furthermore, as the tournament progresses, there are usually several high chip stacked players who will remain that way throughout the entire tournament. It’s true it’s time to buckle down after the early stages but those enter late tend to risk more and don’t always win.

Early Stages
Early stage accumulation is one of the smartest ways to go. If you’re on the ball it’s great way to get to heads up or at least final table. Why? If you bet less you keep more chips and risk less than those who enter late and are counting on a pair of aces or ace king or bluffing to bail them out. Getting in early also has an advantage that you can see who you’re playing against. If you are member of an online poker casino and there are regulars you might know their style of play. Some bet only when they have something others will throw a curve ball and bet with nothing. It’s part of the game. Getting in early in tournament means you can have a ace pair that doesn’t amount to a hill of beans and still keep going if it loses while the late entry person will probably go all-in and lose everything if it should lose. Getting in early gives you the advantage of less risky chip accumulation as well as getting a heads up on your fellow players.

Middle Stages
The middle stage of the tournament is much the same but there are sometimes more changes. The late entry person is usually scrambling for chips less they get eaten up by the blinds and more prone to go all-in at the first sign of a good hand usually a single high card. Here is another benefit of getting in early. You may play and ace 6 combo or fold and you may be right. There is little choice for the late entry dude he must play or potentially bust. It’s great to be in relaxed position at the table. Here if someone raises extremely high and you know there a bluffer you can call . Likewise, when you get a high full house, you can raise as well. Great hands do come for everyone in a tournament it’s just a matter of timing and putting the cards into play.
And one strategy to think about is waiting . Yeh. Don’t try to size up all hands sometimes it’s not worth it to see if your hand ‘could be’. Don’t risk sit out and wait. I used this strategy all the way to a final table after an inital run up and it really works. Let the other players go in. It may their cycle anyway. Your chip stack might go lower, but you’re still in the game and some great hands could be coming your way. You’re not guaranteed to be dealt a winning hand every round!

This is the major reason you want to get in early. You’re not guaranteed a winning hand every round but if you’re in early you can get enough of a chipstack to go the distance and get the heads up or at least final table.